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Haystack Informatics provides the only information security audit service solely devoted to patient privacy. The proprietary privacy monitoring application helps hospitals detect, investigate, report and prevent patient data breaches by flagging problems and questionable staff actions. The information is compiled and visualized in reports that hone in on and prevent devastating data breaches. Because of its heavy focus on the patterns of employee behavior, their tool can also be used to highlight and guide workflow corrections and optimization. www.haystackinformatics.com


Patient privacy

is a priority for your healthcare organization. But while you’ve worked to
strengthen your network against intrusion, there’s a vulnerability you haven’t addressed.
Privacy breach due to inappropriate EHR access or “snooping” is an emerging threat within
healthcare, resulting in fines, audits, and loss of trust. In fact, healthcare security
professionals rate snooping as their greatest security threat motivator. (6th Annual
HIMSS Security Survey, 2014)


Snooping investigations are complicated.

Over 90% of organizations rely on audit log review
to detect snooping, but modern EHRs can generate millions of rows of audit log data per day.
There’s something wrong with this picture: your dedicated privacy professionals are relying on
line-by-line audit log review to detect anomalous events. It’s inefficient, incomplete, and
error-prone. The result is that they spend vast amounts of time investigating a very small
number of events.


You need better tools.

Audit logs aren’t designed for breach detection because they don’t tell you about the structure of care teams within your organization, and they can’t tell you what “normal” behavior looks like for a given provider or role. What if you could transform audit log data and reveal those hidden patterns about care structure and provider behavior?


Haystack fills this gap.

Our proprietary algorithms identify anomalous user behavior and
reveal patterns in the data within an immersive environment that highlights the connectedness
between patients and healthcare professionals. So when a provider does something that is not
characteristic of his or her role, you can immediately see it. Want to see a visual graph of all
employees who interacted with a chart? Haystack can do that.


When patient privacy meets data visualization, amazing things can happen.

A single Haystack screen can capture the essence of thousands of rows of access log data, immediately
highlighting the most salient details. Our intuitive, social-network browsing tools allow privacy officers to explore the connections between patients and employees, fundamentally changing how privacy officers monitor, detect, and investigate snooping events.


We can help you protect your patients’ privacy.

No matter how big or small the organization, we want to help you fulfill the promise of privacy to your patients. Your privacy officers deserve better, and your patients deserve nothing less.




Funded in part by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and DreamIt Ventures, Haystack Informatics is a trusted partner and visionary developer of advanced analytics and visualization solutions for the healthcare market.

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