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LCN Services is a top-tier IT consulting firm breaking down the boundaries of big data analytics, machine learning and enterprise security.



LCN Services is a little different from other IT shops in that we persist from pre-sale support to POC implementation and full evaluation, licensing of software of services, deployment and professional services, and post-sale support. We bring the optimal mix of pre-sale engineers, certified sales reps, architects and professional services experts to every engagement.

Pre-Sale Technical Support

Our amazing and eager team that sees the highest number of customers, as this is the stage when you first hear about a product or solution and need to understand the specifics of how it would integrate into your environment or if it will accommodate your needs. Our Pre-Sale Engineers will work with you to answer any questions you may have and provide helpful resources to begin evaluation.

Product Certified Sales Reps

These are not your ordinary sales reps, but a highly trained, technical bunch.  They are happy to discuss use-cases, explain licensing and cost information as well as coordinate the next step of setting up a POC or sandbox.

POC Sales Engineers

These are your Webex warriors – they will go through step by step with you in a consultative manner what you are trying to accomplish, what tools are necessary to so, and finally, configure a POC or sandbox to demonstrate how well your idea works.

Implementation Architect

This expert group of architects builds off of what you created with your POC and will help install, deploy, configure and customize your solution in a production environment.

Professional Services Team

When POC’s and new capabilities spark your imagination, our professional services staff are here to use their deep knowledge of our products to customize them to your exact needs, creating apps, configuring additional integrations and keeping you in the loop throughout the whole process.

Post-Sale Support Staff

This is your go-to Account Manager after your solution has been deployed into production and any professional services are complete – they are here to help assist with any new requests or questions that come up, and will check in with you from time to time.  If you miss your architect though, feel free to send them a note – I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!




About LCN

LCN Services is a full-service IT consulting company specializing in designing and implementing Application / Service Delivery focused solutions for businesses and organizations across North America.  From solution architects to infrastructure engineers to project managers, we bring the optimal mix of technical skills and industry knowledge to every engagement.

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