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Businesses and governments today are facing increasingly sophisticated security threats. Modern cybercriminals have become expert at out-maneuvering traditional firewall defenses while the rise of mobile and cloud computing platforms have exposed organizations to new types of security risks. But ensuring maximum protection shouldn’t come at the expense of business efficiency. Your regular users, from employees to partners, need hassle-free access to business-critical data, applications and tools. And your IT department can’t afford to get bogged down with cumbersome procedures for managing user identities and system access. At LCN Services, we specialize in every aspect of system security and identity management. We help organizations: Achieve maximum information protection with next-generation solutions that guard your data and applications against fraud and misuse.

  • Achieve maximum information protection with next-generation solutions that guard your data and applications against fraud and misuse.
  • Efficiently administer user identities and system access with scalable technologies for managing the full lifecycle of user identities.
  • Meet regulatory mandates by designing and deploying automated systems that streamline compliance processes.
  • Reduce operational cost with high-efficiency automated solutions for administering security programs and user provisioning.
  • Lower business risk by proactively identifying vulnerabilities, reducing or eliminating threats, and simplifying regulatory compliance.
  • Capture business opportunities by enabling advanced features and functions specifically designed for mobile and social media environments.


Machine data is ubiquitous in today’s business environment; it envelops everything that we do, see or touch. But the challenge has long been trying to harness this data and make it useful to your business. Splunk’s disruptive technology platform solves this dilemma by allowing customers to collect, index and analyze all of the fast moving machine data generated by their applications, servers and devices – whether they be physical, virtual or in the cloud. It then enables them to turn this information or “operational intelligence” into insights that can be used to solve problems quickly & efficiently and provide one with a powerful window into your business’s health.

Splunk’s single pane of glass approach is applicable to multiple levels of the organization and can offer immediate access into real-time or historical trends. Find out what’s really happening at the granular level and make decisions with confidence, backed up by trends and analysis garnered through Splunk’s powerful data engine. From C-level to developers to network engineers and system administrators, Splunk is your pocket-knife into solving problems of today and preventing them from coming back tomorrow.

LCN Services Splunk Overview

LCN Services is proud of its designation as a Splunk “Premier Partner”. To achieve this level of certification, we’ve assembled an outstanding team of certified Splunk Engineers, Architects and professional service personnel that collaborate with our customers to architect, deploy and manage robust Splunk environments. While Splunk is truly a revolutionary and disruptive technology platform, it’s not necessarily an “out of the box” point solution. Therefore harnessing its incredible potential requires a commitment of time, energy and resources to see that it gets done right the first time. In partnering with LCN, we equip our customers from day one with the ability to lean on our team of Splunk experts to as they begin leveraging the power of their Splunk investment. Your success is the cornerstone upon which our Splunk practice is built, why trust it to anyone else?

About LCN

LCN Services is a full-service IT consulting company specializing in designing and implementing Application / Service Delivery focused solutions for businesses and organizations across North America.  From solution architects to infrastructure engineers to project managers, we bring the optimal mix of technical skills and industry knowledge to every engagement.

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