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The Industry-leading SaaS Platform for Operational Intelligence



Instant trial with Splunk Online Sandbox. Instant conversion from POC to production.


Completed SOC2 Type 2 Attestation. Dedicated cloud environments for every customer


100 percent uptime SLA. All the features of Splunk Enterprise, including apps, APIs, SDKs. 10TB+/day scalability.


Centralized visibility across Splunk Cloud (SaaS) and Splunk Enterprise (software) deployments

Single Pane of Glass Visibility

Splunk Cloud offers a single-pane-of-glass
visibility across Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud
deployments, enabling customers to deploy Splunk as software
or SaaS according to their business requirements, while
maintaining centralized visibility.

  •  Operational intelligence as a cloud service
  • All the features of Splunk Enterprise with all the benefits of SaaS
  • Hybrid Search
  • Collect and Index Any Machine Data
  • Custom Dashboards and Views
  • Splunk Apps
  • Rich Developer Environment

Splunk Cloud is priced by annual subscription plans that scale to over 10TB/day.

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