To compete better, your business or organization needs to adapt rapidly to shifting market conditions. But is your IT infrastructure equipped to handle the change? If you’re like most businesses that have built their systems using rigid, outdated IT architectures, then chances are you’re facing a tough road ahead.

LCN Services can help your business become incredibly more agile. We’re a leader in designing and implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions that harmonize all of your applications on a flexible platform that is easily reconfigured, reintegrated, and redirected for maximum business advantage. LCN also helps you gain additional value and economies of scale by building your SOA solution on a firm foundation using cloud computing principles.

With a SOA solution designed by LCN, you can easily plug in new services — or upgrade existing services — to meet fast-changing business requirements and support ongoing growth. The result: You react to change faster and control costs by reusing your existing IT investments instead of buying more software and other infrastructure components that only increases your total cost of ownership. Most SOA platforms designed by LCN pay for themselves in the first year of operation.

A SOA Solution from LCN Enables You to:

  • Design composite applications from different services and applications
  • Connect to virtually any data source, technology, or application through a unified and integrated connectivity framework
  • Efficiently route, transform and reuse enterprise services
  • Improve developer productivity
  • Build more flexible, responsive applications

Leveraging the Best Technology

LCN partners with leading SOA technology vendors that provide standards-based, open-source components that are unified and fully integrated out-of-the-box — so you can focus on getting the most from your existing IT investments.



Leading enterprises need to be agile and confident – not rigid and uncertain. They need to respond to the business without interruption, risk, and lengthy development cycles. The future is about having an infrastructure that’s always on, always moving forward, and always aligned with the business.

Regis Kuzel

VP, LCN Services