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Virtualization has the potential to dramatically improve the costs and increase the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. “Organizations that employ clustering, partitioning, workload management and other virtualization techniques to configure groups of servers into reusable pools of resources are better positioned to respond to the changing demands their business places on those resources.

Also, this technology offers the potential for a fundamental change in the way IT managers think about computing resources. When managing individual boxes becomes less of a challenge, the focus of IT can shift from the technology to the services the technology can provide.

Virtualization refers to technologies designed to provide a layer of abstraction between computer hardware systems and the software running on them. By providing a logical view of computing resources, rather than a physical view, virtualization solutions make it possible to do a couple of very useful things: They can allow you, essentially, to trick your operating systems into thinking that a group of servers is a single pool of computing resources. And they can allow you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single machine.


Consolidate excess hardware and increase server utilization


Manage your virtual infrastructure from a single point of control


Automate your virtual infrastructure to ensure peak performance


Cross-tier visibility and operational analytics for your VMware environment

The rapid pace of virtualization adoption in the datacenter creates challenges for virtualization administrators. IT professionals have limited operational visibility into their virtual infrastructure, inadequate control over performance and security of virtual machines, insufficient insights into usage analytics and limited ability to compare virtualization performance to other IT layers. Combating these virtualization challenges requires an approach that spans the virtualization layer and all other tiers of the infrastructure. The solution needs to provide actionable operational insights into performance, capacity, security and changes at the virtualization layer, in context of the other technologies in the IT stack.

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